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Über Patrick Halek

Patrick Halek is corporate developer and management consultant focussing on active change and innovation, knowledge and brand. He published various books and articles and developed "blueformance", a coherent approach to shape and develop ideas, products and organisations.

Die Digitalisierung mischt die Karten völlig neu

Digitalisierung geht weit über Technologie und Automatisierung hinaus. Sie definiert Branchen völlig neu und verändert das Selbstverständnis von Unternehmen. - von Gastblogger Patrick Halek -   Digitalisierung schafft völlig neue Verhältnisse, die weit über die Frage von Technologie und Automatisierung hinausgehen. [...]

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Holacracy – Sunny And Shady Sides

An appealing approach on the wrong track? - by guest blogger Patrick Halek -   What a shame: organisations and societal entities act far away from what their potential could offer. Instead of creating advancement many of them got stuck [...]

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Trying Harder Does Not Work

Challenges of today and tomorrow cannot be met with approaches of yesterday - by guest blogger Patrick Halek -   Cold coffee - but very dangerous It’s no news at all – it’s cold coffee. We all know that technology, [...]

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Innovation Is Not About Technology

Innovation is about connecting people and knowledge creating advancement - by guest blogger Patrick Halek - From knowledge to innovation Yesterday, the knowledge-society was declared vital for our future. Today, it has been part of our lives for the longest [...]

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Sustainability – Still A Misunderstanding

If organisations want to stay agile, fit and relevant, they need a sustainable approach - by our guest blogger Patrick Halek - Sustainability is no add-on Talking to managing responsibles in organisations, in many cases, sustainability is still seen as [...]

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