The traditional media industry is faced with some dramatic changes in their business environment.
A lot of discussion is already going on about this topic, but here some highlights and important pieces from my side:

Clay Shirky speaking at Harvard’s Kennedy School:


Layoffs in traditional media industry on a timeline (by Poynter).

A more detailed article where I also found the sources above on GigaOM

Help is in sight: The iPad. Launched today, there is an enormous hype around this device. Some visual studies show already, how traditional newspapers and magazines can look like on this tablet as an interactive multimedia version. I collected the major studies and previews alrwady presented. They look promising:

Wired Magazine [youtube=]

VIVMag [youtube=] [youtube=]

New York Times (Apple Keynote) [youtube=]

DeTelegraaf: [youtube=]

Le Monde: [youtube=]
One thing I learned at University from an Economics professor: Newspapers and magazines are good you can share with others without loosing quality for the cost of 0. This is not reflected so far in the business and concept models of current eBooks and ePapers. I would expect that issue and also the savings in production and logistics costs reflected in the price for the online versions. But this is not the case so far. Some offers seem to be higher than the printed subescriptions. Crazy. But it seems that some people use another concept from the economists, which I also learned from my professor: Skimming strategy in pricing and adoption curve.
What do you think?