Ich freue mich, ein paar Blogposts von unserem neues Student Guest Blogger Marcel Dielacher anzukündigen. Marcel studiert AI und Data Science und Business Analytics und hat eine Serie mit Grundlagen und Gedanken rund um das Thema Artificial Intelligence (AI) auf Medium gestartet. Wir freuen uns, diese auch hier auf unserem xm-institute Blog zu haben und wünschen Marcel alles Gute für sein Studium und die Vertiefung seiner Themen.

I’m happy to announce some new blog posts written by our new Student Guest Blogger Marcel Dielacher. Marcel studies AI, Data Science, and Business Analytics. Recently he started a series of articles about basics and thoughts on the topic of Artifical Intelligence (AI) on medium.com. We are happy to have him also here on our xm-institute Blog and wish him all the best for his AI future.


What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (abbreviation AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the automation of intelligent behavior and machine learning. In practice, AI is often used as a collective term for algorithmic systems that can solve specific tasks. The term artificial intelligence is generally used very widely. The reason for this is that it cannot be clearly delimited due to the lack of a precise definition of intelligence.

The goal of AI is to capture the collective intelligence of people and to perform a given task better than any individual human being can ever do.

Weiter gehts auf Medium.com…