xm-institute Christmas 2015Dear all,

thanks for reading our blog and being part of the larger xm-community. We had a very successful year, with growing numbers of readers and increasing interaction with managers and leaders, who are interested in new ways and ideas of managing. Beside more regular postings on the blog, we prepared a lot for the next year to come:

  • We will continue with the blog, providing you useful food for thought on a regular basis.
  • We also plan to realise our first workshops next year, bringing experienced CEO’s, researchers, thinkers, entrepreneurs and others, meeting and sharing ideas and thoughts.
  • Beside this, we plan several publications next year, providing concepts on dealing with complexity, new ways of change and on the agility of organisations.
  • Further there will be some new diagnostics tools available, developed by xm- and partner of the institute. Those tools are all around measuring the Agility of an Organisation as well as diagnostics for Cultural Change. For further information, please contact us at info@xm-institute.com.

We are looking forward hearing from you, but first of all we wish you all a merry christmas and a happy and successful year 2016.

Oliver Mack, all guest bloggers and the xm-institute team and friends.


PS: This years christmas picture shows an individual network analysis, showing the social connection between people, for getting further insights into the system structure of a social system. We provide these kind of studies to companies and organisations are we are happy to give you further information.