PreviewGerne veröffentliche ich heute einen „Call for Paper“ für einen neuen Sammelband meines Kollegen Prof. Dr. Anshuman Khare, Athabasca University, Canada. Ich freue mich im Editorial Review Board und mit einem eigenen Proposal wieder dabei zu sein!

Hier zum Inhalt aus dem Aufruf:

Today’s business ecosystem is bringing furious and frenetic change to existing business structures, operations and models. And just like the Greek Furies that drove their victims mad, the dislocating affects of technological change are disrupting the accepted norms of business. This book will explore the pivotal role that technology plays in creating new dynamics to business operations and forcing business model changes. In particular, the operating environment in which businesses function today has, and will, change to a greater degree and at a faster pace than any period in the past. The dynamic that enabled the television to gain critical mass over five decades has accelerated to allow Internet based companies to reach the same critical mass within months.

Market convergence is reducing business barriers to entry, destabilising long established businesses and their underlying business models. The dynamic forces of unleashed technological advancements that new technically advanced businesses are using are rapidly and significantly disrupting long-established sustainable products, companies, industries and sectors. The creative adoption of technology is creating a strategic imbalance comprised of firms who understand how to use technology effectively and firms that have not yet realized that they are playing in an unstable ecosystem. The intent of this book is to explore the factors that make digital disruption possible, the effects this has on existing business models, the industries that are most susceptible to disruption and what executives can do to take advantage of disruption to re-invent their business model.

Über die Einreichung interessanter Proposals zum Thmea würden wir uns freuen. Details finden sich im PDF: Digital Disruption – Call for Papers