New Guest Blogger – Dr. Peter Veil

Today I am happy to introduce a new guest blogger for the xm-blog. Dr. Peter Veil from Cologne/Bonn, Germany. Peter Veil describes himself as a postheroic and responsible manager and human being with a lot of curiosity, digital competencies and "strong pattern recognition". He is working for [...]

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Thought Bites: Cargo Cult

In seinem diesjährigen Talk zur re:publica 2016 in Berlin hat Gunter Dueck das Thema Cargo Cult aufgegriffen. Grund genug, diesem Thema einen kurzes "Thounght Bite" zu widmen: Cargo Cults sind rituelle Handlungen einiger Völker und Stämme, die versuchen, ein Verhalten zu imitieren, [...]

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Holacracy – Sunny And Shady Sides

An appealing approach on the wrong track? - by guest blogger Patrick Halek -   What a shame: organisations and societal entities act far away from what their potential could offer. Instead of creating advancement many of them got stuck [...]

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