„The best way to predict the future is to create it!“

— Peter Drucker, Economist and Management Thinker


Dear clients, supporters, partners and friends of the xm-institute and the xm-blog,

we would like to thank you for your interest and participation in our idea to develop, teach, learn, discuss and apply new management and leadership tools and concepts in todays changing and challenging world.

We did our first steps in 2014 to get in touch with the broader public and learned a lot about the needs of tomorrows leaders.

We started the xm-blog, with articles about new ideas and concepts for leadership and management in the next society. We touched a lot of different areas and important topics. We are happy that we had a great start with supporters and authors from all over the world, like Will Baber from Kyoto, Japan. We hope we will be able to bring the blog to a next level in 2015, with new authors, new ideas and much more articles that are interested for you as our audience.

We started also an early alpha version of the xm-community forum. The idea is to build up a platform for people who would like to discuss todays and tomorrows problems and ideas for next generation management and leadership approaches, sharing experiences and finding new ways to be prepared for the next step in management and leadership.

For 2015 we also plan to bring the xm-labs to life: The idea is to offer open workshops and labs for next generation leaders and managers, addressing todays problems related to the significant changes in the business and technological environment. We would like to offer an attractive program with interesting topics and amazing coaches in surprising formats and locations. Stay tuned…

In February we will also plan to publish our first book, „Management and Leadership in a VUCA world“, a joint venture with different practitioners and academics from five countries. It will be the starting point for further publications and studies in the field of applied science in the area of „Management and Leadership in the Next Society“.

As the xm-institute is thought as a non-for-profit organisation, it needs the continuous support of people and I hope the community of supporters will continue to grow in in 2015.

We wish you happy holidays and a great, successful and healthy new year.

Best regards,


PS: The image of this years holiday message is a chaotic fractal, calculated based on mathematical equations. Not just being beautiful, fractals help in understanding organisations. The fractals‘ self similarity is a general principle linked to all living systems. Having this principle in mind, social systems, like organizations can be designed in a better and more functional way.

Chaotic Fractal