Leadership Development xm-institute Oliver MackEverybody is talking about digitalization. And we expect significant changes in all areas of the organisation, also in the ones that are currently often not intensively confronted with IT beyond Powerpoint and Word and specific functional ERP tools so far: HR.

Digitalization will have a significant impact also on HR and also on Leadership development. I wrote some first thoughts on that issue at linkedIn.

In this article I discuss some implications of digitalisation on Leadership Development, which I see on four levels:

  • Technology and Digitalisation as a topic in LD programs
  • Technology/ Digitalization as a tool in LD programs
  • Technology enabling new designs of LD programs
  • Digital disruption of LD programs

The full potential can only be leveraged, if HR departments heavily invest in technology driven expertise in their own teams. Only people knowing the technological possibilities and creatively experimenting with them can ensure that leadership development will sustain efficient and effective
also in the coming years.

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