xm-institute Gower Managing Change ProgrammesWe are happy to announce that the new “Gower Handbook of Programme Management” is out. We participated with an article about “managing change programmes” in the book. This 2nd edition of the book gives a state of the art overview about the management of programmes from various perspectives. Beside programme management in different industries, the 600 page manual contains aspects on various programme types as well as details on various programme management tools and processes.

xm:institute chief researcher Oliver Mack participated with an article about the Management of Change Programmes. The articles discusses the specific characteristics of change endeavours in organisations as a specific project type and gives some ideas on the benefits and design opportunities for managing  larger change initiatives as programmes. Beside the special aspects of change, programme management needs to focus especially on the programme structure, the staffing of programme roles as well as on the right positioning of the change role within the programme.

The book is available as a digital version as Amazon Kindle as well as hard cover.