Über Will Baber

William W. Baber is Associate Professor at Kyoto University, Graduate School of Management. He teaches and researches Negotiation as well as Business Models.

Business Negotiation Thinking

Are software and IT workers more collaborative than people in other sectors?  We live with the notion that software developers are likely to work in teams, share knowledge, create open source products, and so on.  They seem to communicate well [...]

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A Script for Business Negotiations (2)

Following up my blog posting about negotiation schemata in November 2014, I am posting a list of negotiation schemata. In the previous blog I posted four. After a lot more thinking, reading, and talking… I have 12 to put in [...]

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Practicing Negotiations with „Wargaming“

Wargaming as practical preparation approach to complex business negotiations A business negotiation can be a major event in the life of an organization leading to contracts, profits, long term partners and far reaching decisions about allocation of resources.   Will the [...]

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